Saturday, November 8, 2008


So with my pre-op plan, I have to take lots of vitamin supplements. One is sublingual vitamin B-12. It's a small, pink pill that you let melt under your tongue. It tastes like a chalky, cherry flavored baby aspirin.

Yesterday, I put my little pink pill under my tongue and was like, what gives? This one is bitter and it isn't melting. Blecch! I kept it under my tongue for a minute or so then spat it out. Maybe it was a faulty one or something.

Then, when I went to take the rest of my meds, I realized the B12 was still in my cup. Huh?

Turns out I had put my birth control pill under my tongue instead! Eeeeew, nasty! I need to pay attention about a week and a half each month as that's how long that my bc pills look similar to my vitamins!

Obviously, I need a vacation! : )

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