Tuesday, February 24, 2009

April 6, 2009

You read that right--I finally have a surgery date!

February, though the short month, seems to have lasted forever.  After waiting for 19 days, I got the call from the scheduler with my date with Dr. Williams.  In all honestly, 19 days is not very long at all.  Pretty quick, actually.  It just seems like a long time when you're doing essentially nothing but watching the phone and waiting.

And the countdown begins.  Because I am getting the Realize Band, I use their website to track goals, food diary and so on.  According to them, 41 days until I get "Realized." 

Hmm.  If I thought 19 days was long, 41 should seem like an eternity.  But odds are it'll get here before I know it.  I almost said before I realize it, but that was entirely too cheesy!

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