Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Waiting Game Continues

I called BC/BS yesterday and they indeed have my file and it is under review.  Yay!  I hope that they let me know something soon.  March is Dog Show Month and I want to know what I can plan for and what I can't.  Odds are if I get approved, early March is when the surgery will be.

Truth be told, I can't really afford to do much with dog shows (going to Louisville, especially).  I have to pay my bill for surgeon consultation, which was pretty expensive. I was hoping if I held out, insurance would approve me, then I could resubmit that and get it taken care of without having to pay out of pocket.  Gamble? Lost!  Oh well.  I'll take care of it, but will have to not do any non-essential shopping for awhile.  Sniff, sniff.

But it will be well worth it.

My left foot is killing me from plantar fasciitis.  My joints below the waist are all out of whack from favoring that foot.  I need to walk for exercise, but the more I walk the worse the pain is.  And to make matters worse, I busted my ass tripping on a rock on the walk to my car last night.  Ouch.  I'm home today, resting my poor, achy joints and counting the days until the pain stops as the weight continues to come off. 

I've already lost almost 30 pounds and I really don't feel any improvements physically, aside from my clothes being looser.  But it takes time.  And people have been commenting on how they can actually tell the difference.  So it's all good!

And in spite of my pissy mood yesterday, compounded by my trip and fall, I managed to not go to McDonald's!  Last week was a bad week food-wise for me and I'm proud of the fact that I am making better choices this week and staying on track.  Not rushing to get fries at the first sign of stress.

Wow, things can really change!

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