Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good laugh!!!!

Tammy on the TN board posted a link to a website that calculates your ideal body measurements based on your wrist size.

It says I should be 40"-28"-34"!!!

I cannot stop laughing!!!! Is this before or after my boob job?? Saggy, rolled up boobs or perky plastic boobs??? With significant weight loss, boobs tend to lose volume or deflate. Long boobies. Just the thought of getting geared up (hoist and stuff) to measure cracks me up!

Whew. Finally calming down. Those are a lot of inches to lose. I'm almost 3 months out and my clothes are quite saggy. My beige skirt with brown and red print practically fell off me on Tuesday. So I know I've lost a lot of inches. I couldn't even zip it up all the way last year.

Perhaps I should measure up next week and see where I'm at. I'm totally sure I'm not 40-28-34 (hahahahaha!), but I know I am not 51-50-54 anymore, either.

I can't wait to get home to my MyoTape!!!

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Fastlass said...

I calculated mine and guess this would be accurate for my sooper lactation boobs. I'll do the boob roll up when I'm done!
Since it's a body building site I figure they put some kind of logrithm for implants in the calculations