Monday, November 9, 2009

Attack of the Slime Monster

I'm breaking my story up into pieces so it's not tooooo overwhelming in length. : )

Saturday morning I had lots to do. I was able to slowly sip a mug of coffee and after that, had a 6 oz yogurt. Wooo hoo, things were looking up!

I loaded the dogs up and we went to the vet for Jack's shots and for Dr. B to take a look at Map's limp. Lucky us, she has luxating patellas. Probably a grade 2. Whew. Not bad enough to require surgery, but enough to give her some arthritis at the ripe old age of 3. Her prescription is Flexamin and aspirin.

On the way back, since I had had such good luck with the cream of broccoli soup at Panera (8oz = 190 calories, 10g fat, 16g carbs, 8g protein) on Friday, I decided to get a big bucket of it to eat off of for a few days.

Needless to say, my luck ran out. Apparently, I was still a smidge swollen from the Yam Incident and after a few scant teaspoons, I felt the unmistakable clunk of getting stuck. The teeny bit of soup had to come up, and the droolfest began. This time, the slime monster hung out for over an hour. Fun. But not really.

I hit the couch and watched 2 episodes of The Biggest Loser to keep my mind off of the slobber. Fortunately, my fat brain was not interested in food in the least. It's about damned time.

Later in the day I was able to get down a cup of cocoa made with Carnation SF Instant Breakfast and skim milk. So I thought all was happy in Bandy land, and that I'd try some baked ricotta.

Yeah, it wasn't happy down there after all.

Two tiny tastes of that and kapow! Attack of the Slime Monster yet again. This was growing old fast and I was really starting to worry. I can't get anything down. I'm afraid to drink. Can I get through the weekend without a visit to the ER?

This Slime Monster visit ran almost 2 hours. Seriously? I haven't had more than 8 oz of fluid since Friday. Where am I getting all the juice to make drool from?

I found lying stretched out on my side in bed made me feel better, so my spit cup and I called it a night. At least I was able to swallow my own spit and get a relatively decent night's sleep.

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Debra Kay said...

OI. I am reading this in reverse. Oh well.
You did the right thing-stay on liquids tell you can get to the ER.

That trick took me awhile to learn. Part of it is that we are so drilled to think LIQUIDS ARE BAD BAD BAD for us. But, when it's clear you have a problem, stay on liquids until you can get it fixed, it beats getting stuck.

I wish I had know you were in trouble kiddo.