Sunday, October 26, 2008

MacGyver Moment

I had a MacGyver moment a few minutes ago, though it was preceeded by an Oh Shiny Moment. Somehow, I was in the process of unloading the washing machine and the next thing I knew I was taking pictures of myself. ??? I have yet to understand my easily distracted nature. I just accept it for what it is!

Anyway, I long for the pool I lost about 15 pounds (and kept off nearly 10 of it) by doing strength training exercises in the pool and walking/swimming laps. I loved it dearly, but it became such a burden to do. I used a pool at work, which was several blocks from my office. The health center is actually moving off campus soon, so I didn't want to get in the routine only to have my world tossed into havoc later. The thing was, I ended up feeling like a pack mule, hauling all my stuff in to swim and shower and change. It took nearly two hours to exercise and shower and get ready for work. That meant two hours extra per day away from my dogs. I didn't like that.

My ultimate goal someday is to have a house out in the country. I can have a sunroom and install a swim spa. Then I can do a water workout daily with my dogs hanging out. Of course that's a jillion years away.

A great alternative for the strengthening exercises are those stretchy bands. I had a bedroom in my house I called my gym. But out of sight, out of mind. So I dragged my elliptical machine into my bedroom. Now I'm doing much better at getting on the thing, since is right next to the bed. I can get up, get dressed, hop on it and be done before I'm even fully awake. But I didn't have a spot for my exercise bands. I can't tie 'em on my elliptical because when I use them, it makes the machine move across the floors.

Finally, I figured out to take an old computer security cable mount thingy and install it on my dresser. My dresser is tres chic ala 1987 and I'm not particularly concerned about drilling 3 holes in it. I can always patch the holes with filler and touch it up, if needed. I am just happy about having a place to do my band workout (again, I'd have to damn near trip over the bands just to get out of my room) in a convenient spot.

For me, convenience is 90% of the game.

Nothing says happy like new, shiny sneakers. And dog fur everywhere.

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