Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reading today...

I had grandiose plans to spend today working out in the garage, getting the space organized. I even got my new sneakers in the mail yesterday (New Balance 768s, and I love 'em!). I wore them all day long, but somehow have been sucked into napping and cuddling with the dogs today for the most part. In my sneakers.

I did spend some quality time reading. A really great woman Marilyn at online support group, suggested reading It Ain't Over Till The Thin Lady Sings, by Michelle Ritchie. Being an Amazon junkie, I got it. I also got WLS for Dummies and a few post-op cookbooks. It's going to be hard enough after the surgery. I don't want to get there and then be miserable in the puree and soft food phases by not having come up with an eating game plan in advance. Yes, most people say your tastes change after surgery so what you like before (especially with respect to protein powders) you may hate after. Still, at least the action of researching helps keep me focused and on track.

Anyway, I am grateful to Marilyn for the reading recommendation. The book is a great reminder that surgery is simply that: surgery. They don't tinker in your skull while you're under. Issues and problems you have prior to surgery will not change with it. You still have to do the hard part yourself. I know that, but it's good to have a little manual that reminds you of it. She also has a lot of good mental exercises to go through. I'm just reading first, then will go back and do the exercises later.

I do have some food triggers, so I simply don't bring certain things into the house, like chips and dip. But another one of my triggers is my beloved purple chair. It sits in the middle of my living room, sending out a subliminal siren song to come nest in it's cozy embrace and to relax in front of the tv. Come snuggle with meeeeee! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to stab it with a knife! Okay, maybe not that, but I may have to replace it with a rocking chair. I was with Katy last night at dinner at Cracker Barrel and had great fun sitting outside rocking for nearly an hour. Rocking like a crazy person is definitely a good quad workout! Feel the burn!

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