Saturday, October 25, 2008

The trigger

I remember my enough is enough trigger. I was at Carra's and we were looking at the Alice x AT puppies, who were living in her bedroom. As usual, I had my camera in tow as I love to document things with pictures. Yeah, old age makes you forget things fast, ha ha, so I'm always taking pictures. Never a model, always the photographer.

Anyway, I was sitting on her bed and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror mounted on the wall by her closet. Yikes. A small head poking from a massive torso. I always look worse sitting down because my legs push up all the belly fat.

I was mortified. You look like that, seriously? Seriously? I usually see myself at home, standing up in front of my own bathroom mirror. I didn't think I looked that bad. It was like seeing myself for the first time, in that mirror on the east side of town.

That was what propelled me to the doctor's office and got the bandwagon rolling. It was painful, but I'm glad that mirror was there.

Here's one of the puppies, for entertainment value (because she is SO cute!)

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