Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am capable of following directions!!!

When you go through all the preliminary instruction prior to your band installation, they hammer into your head, "CHEW, CHEW, CHEW! SIP-SIP-SIP!" And like I mentioned previously, they say eat tiny, pea sized bites.

When you are in bandster hell, it is hard to do this. If you have no restriction, what's the point? Nothing bad happens if you eat fast or don't chew super-duper well.

Ahh, Grasshopper. Funny you ask. The point is that you will need this skill when you GET restriction!

I have had a rough few days of getting stuck, learning what Bandy will and won't tolerate with ~4.5 cc in him. First with the dried out hamburger patty, then snarfing down some fresh deli turkey and last night with my oh-so-yummy grilled chicken. I decided the common denominator in these episodes was me not truly getting the chew-chew-chew thing. So I took a chance and decided to try my grilled chicken and veggies for lunch.

It took me half an hour and a whole lotta chewing, but I got it down, got to enjoy the delicious, fresh flavors and best of all, I did NOT GET STUCK!!!

When they say pea sized, they MEAN pea sized. Duh. I am capable of learning, but sometimes the learning is slow going. I blame all the x-ray radiation from that fill! Yeah, that's it!

I'm just overjoyed that I can continue to eat my precious, grilled chicken. If that was not an option, I'd be very sad. Whew.

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