Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Less than two weeks to go

And I'm getting excited!

Today I stopped by Target and bought a bottle of antibiotic body wash.  For the last few days before surgery, I'm supposed to shower at least twice a day with an antibiotic soap.  I guess this means I should change my sheets so I'm not rolling around in my own filth, huh? ; )

I also got a 10 cup (MONSTER SIZED) Brita water pitcher for my office.  Next week my liquid diet begins and I have to consume nothing but a ton of liquids. I have a mini-fridge in my office, and having a water pitcher right there is easiest. I can always have water to whip up my Crystal Light in an instant. Making things convenient and easy is half the battle.

At this point, I am almost looking forward to the liquid diet and being off food altogether for a few weeks.  I'm so over it!  Ya know?  I'm just ready for the next phase and am looking forward to the surgery.  Of course about the 2nd day into the liquid diet, I'll probably be having a royal case of the screaming meemies!  Waaannnnaa CHEW!

I think I'll do okay.  I'm just gonna keep telling myself that.

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