Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nifty measure-y gadget!

So being an Amazon junkie, I was quite excited to get home last night to find a box on my porch.  Mostly it was Carnation Instant Breakfast (No sugar added) cans.  But I also got this nifty device to measure myself with.  

I've been meaning to do this for ages.  Like in October when I first really got rolling on this journey.  October, March.  Whatever.  

This gadget, called the MyoTape, is a measuring tape with a handle and a hook.  It allows you to easily measure your bits relatively accurately all by yourself. No fumbling, no small village required to assist. And it was less than seven bucks.  Oh, JOY!

It isn't quite perfect, as the slot that holds the hook-y part isn't very secure.  So it comes apart sometimes.  I solved that with a piece of scotch tape. (I am such the techno-fix-it wizard!) And I was able to measure every measurable part of me in about 5 minutes.  Now I have something to compare to down the pike as I continue to lose weight. This will help out immensely when I hit my first, inevitable stall. The scale may not be obeying, but things are changing.

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