Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to Carnation Instant Breakfast

Oh my sweet, sweet Carnation Instant Breakfast! How I love you. Okay, love is pushing it a bit. But by the end of next week, I might be there.

Liquid diet starts in a matter of days and today I brought my canister of Instant B'fast to work. Monday I'll lug in a half gallon of milk and my blender bottle.  It's purple!

On one hand I am looking forward to the liquid diet because it means the time is coming rapidly to get banded.  On the other hand, I'm sure I will be a tad irritable.  Like right now, someone is mixing a solution on the lab bench in the nearby hallway.  There is an incessant clanking sound of a stir-bar against the wall of the beaker as the solution mixes.  It's crap like that that's gonna get someone killed next week when I'm hungry and grouchy.  Sounds make me especially crabby.  Don't know why, but I can't tune out obnoxious sounds.  I obsess over them, instead.  Nice.

Usually I am relatively tolerant of the Czech doctor who shares an office wall with me.  He's a loud talker and a frequent talker.  And sometimes he makes crazy noises (usually when on the phone with his kids, not his patients.  I hope.).  I usually sit in here and mutter, "Shut up, Peter!"  But next week I might actually yell it.  OMG!  A different doctor is standing right outside my office door munching potato chips! Next week is gonna be a challenge.

Perhaps I should just get up and take walks when the testiness sets in. Yeah, sideways crabby walks, that is!

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