Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay, this is getting real!

And I am so excited!  I have survived over 30 hours without food!  And so far, so good.  I got stomach growling hungry on the way home from work after 6 pm, but it passed after a few swigs of peach tea.  Aside from that, I've been really pleased at how well it has gone.  I mean, I have barely scratched the surface and I have to keep going until Sunday night.  At least I'm off to a good start.

I got my shipment of stuff from Bariatric Advantage on Friday of last week.  Vitamins, calcium, some Click (espresso protein drink) and Nectar (fuzzy navel flavored protein drink, which my pal Micheala pronounces as NecTAAAAR!).  Saturday morning, while still legally able to eat, I went and grocery shopped.  I got a ton more Crystal Light (dear Lord it was on sale buy one get one freeeee!), sugar free popsicles, jello and pudding, broth and containers that were on clearance and luckily the half cup size, which I needed.

I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning, scrubbing cabinets and the floors.  Not that it did any good because of rain later that night and 16 paws that tromped through the mud outside and sullied my clean floors.  

I also cooked a lean pot roast, which I blended with cream of mushroom soup and froze in 1/2 cup portions.  I cooked several chicken breasts which I shredded finely and froze in 4 oz portions. And I made a pot of chili with very lean ground beef and lots of beans, which I blended and froze.  It was my traditional yummy chili, and when blended it tasted like beef and bean burrito filling!  OMG, YUM! And I don't have to think when I get to pureed foods, as I'll have stuff in the freezer ready to go.

Saturday night I went out with my dog show gals to what was the Umpteenth Irregular Meeting of the Bitch and Dine Society.  We went to Longhorn out at Rivergate.  Somehow, I got confused and got directions to the one in Gallatin (Gallatin versus Gallatin ROAD).  I ended up driving off the grid of my GPS!  I'm zipping along the highway, waiting for the exit, when all the roads disappeared off the GPS and just a big orange U turn sign showed up!  It took awhile, but I finally got to the restaurant and enjoyed an amazing steak and baked sweet potato.  Drooool.

It was a good meal to wrap things up with and yet something I can eat after.  Well, like in late May.  And in greatly reduced portions.  Lean protein and a healthy complex carb.  Love me some baked sweet potatoes.  They don't even need butter. 

Today I was at work all day and I was expecting the liquid diet to be more challenging.  I know it will, but I'll get through it.  I'm choosing the attitude to use this as a time to break the hold I give food over me.  I got the idea from a woman named Lynnette, whom I affectionately refer to as Touch My Port Lady.  It was the outlook she used to get through it and she said it wasn't difficult at all.  In general, I think that most people have a lot of trouble.  Not that it was funny-funny, but Micheala only had two days of liquid diet and her blogs about the emotional trauma of it were quite entertaining.  

In the long run, I am counting on mind over matter and in understanding that this is a.) something that will end in a finite amount of time and b.) required in order to get to the OR, I think I will do well.  Three days from now, I need to come back to this blog and re-read this to remind myself!

I have a few sips of my last Carnation Instant Breakfast of the day and then I'm done.  I spent the first 2 hours after work cleaning out the fridge and getting rid of all the crap that was left.  Now my shelves are sparkling clean and I feel such a sense of calm relief.  Ahhhh, no fridge clutter to stress me out or tempt me.

Of course I could be wrong and come 4 am on Thursday, I could be drinking mesquite barbecue sauce straight from the bottle.  Barbecue sauce is a liquid, right?  Liquid diet--it's all good!

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