Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back in the groove

I joined the gym at work, a hidden little gym that's mostly occupied by physical therapy patients.  LOVE IT!  I had my first real training session on Thursday and went in for an upper body workout and bike ride on Friday.  I was able to get 20 minutes on the bike and I think I went about 11K!  Oh yeah!

Have I said how much I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE strength training yet?  Well, I do.  I need to increase the weight on my other upper body exercises, but we had the chest press spot on.  I have been able to feel that slight soreness where my arms meet my chest all weekend.  What a great sensation!  It just makes me proud and makes me feel strong.  

I can't wait to get in there tomorrow, but will I do upper body or lower?? Oh decisions, decisions.

Plus, I've dropped a few pounds since the dog show weekend. I'm down to 221, which is a 53 pound loss from my all time high and 20 pounds since surgery.  It appears I'm averaging about 10 pounds a month so far.  I lose 2 pounds.  Chill out awhile at the same weight, then a few weeks later drop 2 or 3 pounds.  That seems to be how my body lets go of the weight.  We'll see how regular workouts at the gym impact that.

My trainer still thinks I shouldn't walk from the shuttle lots.  The impact of walking seems to make the bursitis in my hip flare up.  I might try it once a day (in the morning) and ride the bus at night. Just to see how things go with my hip.  

It's funny how much I enjoy moving these days.  (Did a pod person just write that??)  Sitting still too long makes me achy.  In a bad way, unlike the good ache from weight training.  

Speaking of moving, it's Sunday and I've got 9828 steps on my pedometer!  I've done that through running errands this morning and cleaning around the house.  I still need to mow the grass in the back yard, so I know I'll pass 10,000 today for sure.

Seeing a huge number on my Body Bugg's display is much more gratifying and satisfying than eating a piece of pizza.  Yeah, now I'm sure of it.  Been possessed by aliens.  For sure.

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Scott said...

Shake that "groove" thing D!

Keep up the good work!