Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rave Review: Soy and Flaxseed tortilla chips

I went to my first OH picnic last weekend and had a fabulous time!  One of the best things was hearing tips and food recommendations from the other people who'd had surgery.

Scott and Melinda are two of the very active people in the group and they have tons of suggestions, recommendations and recipes.  Both rave about Trader Joe's and Mel talked about how when she and her guy go to Mexican restaurants, she brings along a single serving of her favorite Soy and Flaxseed tortilla chips.  They're from Trader Joe's, have a lot of protein and omega 3 oils, and are a healthier alternative to gorging on restaurant chips.

I went to the doctor yesterday (yes, I actually have stinkin' bursitis in my hip) and the doctor's office is mere blocks from Trader Joe's.  So I made my first visit.  I was kind of surprised because I am used to it being that health food store from a few years ago.  The store is more open than it used to be (not as many shelves), but for what it lost in shelves, it more than makes up with in stocking employees.  Jeez!  I could barely get through the aisles!

But I finally found Mel's recommended chips plus a few protein bars and headed out.  I tried a chip in the car en route to picking up my work iMac.  Actually, they're quite good.  I like the nutty taste that the flaxseed gives them.  Obviously they're one of those special treat foods, but they are definitely something I will buy again. 

And like Mel, when I meet my friend Katy at Cinco de Mayo for dinner, I'll bring my ziploc bag of a single serving of the healthy chips.  What a great idea!  This is why I hang out with these guys--they have such a wealth of experience to share.  And I adore them for sharing!!!

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