Saturday, April 18, 2009

40 pounds down!

Yaaaay!  I weighed today and I am down 40.2 pounds since October 3. That was the date of my first consult with Dr. Williams.

Truthfully, I have lost more than that . . . I went up about 5 pounds the week before my liquid diet.  I kinda splurged on my favorite things that week and put on a few.  And then there were the holidays. Yikes.

From the day of my liquid diet (8 days prior to surgery) to today, I am down 15 pounds.  That seems crazy!  But exciting.

Here's my weight loss ticker: (FYI, it will change over time as I update my weight)


Fastlass said...

Holy crap - that's so awesome...
I'm so happy this has all gone as you expected ( well, not the RASH but yo know what i mean!)
Maybe i'll get on of dem thar bands after I pop this little sucker out!

Mareydenis said...

Little sucker? Please, isn't he a teenager by now?

Today is the last day for Aries! Heh heh heh!