Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yes, I am officially less than 50% fat!  I am a mere 49.9%!  

Of course I think I repressed the whole concept that I was over half fat because that's kinda gross.  I just dug through my WLS surgery notebook to see if I could find some of the earlier numbers.  You get a printout every time you are weighed in.  But of course, I cannot find any.  GRRR.  I wanted to see how much higher my fat percentage was when up an additional 40 pounds.  Just for comparison purposes and to further inflate my big, fat ego!

So yesterday I went to the clinic to check in with Jessica.  It was my first foray on the 100 Oaks Shuttle bus and it was pretty good.  Except they put my least favorite shuttle driver ever, Big 'n Greasy, on that route.  After yukking it up with Jessica, I went looking for a ride back to campus.  I saw a bus out there and was like, yippee!  Good timing.  On my way to 100 Oaks, I missed a bus by literally 15 seconds (not running for it--it jiggles my pork), so I was excited I didn't have to wait for the next one.  

The driver was absent, probably taking a leak or something.  I sat there, enjoying the quiet until something caught my eye.  The driver.  Awww, damnit!  Big 'n Greasy.  He annoys me because he 's a chatty Cathy, always babbling on about inane topics.  Dude, shut up and drive.  And of course I was the only person on the bus.  Great.  He prattled on about having a whole hour for lunch while drivers on the campus routes only get 30 minutes.  And how he's working the disaster drill at the airport today.  Blah blah blah.  I just replied with Mmmhmm's and enjoyed being able to look at all the homes and shops on the route back to campus.  

Jessica was pleased with how I am doing and I seem to be "right on track," which is good.  I'm kinda stuck weight loss-wise, but I'm almost due for my next period, which always makes me gain weight beforehand.  So not going up at all is actually good.  I'm also getting used to the work routine again after being spoiled at home for 2 weeks.  I'm sure with the addition of the shuttle-skipping walks, things will start to pick up quite soon.

I am most proud of my blood sugar!  Yesterday my morning sugar was 154, so I had to take 4U of insulin with breakfast.  But, the rest of my readings were well below 150 all day, so I didn't have to take any more.  This morning's was 142, so yeah!  No insulin this morning, either!

I need to fax my week's records to my endocrinologist (a feisty Chinese lady who cracks me up.  When she put me on Byetta a few years back, she said, "If you experience row brood sugar, you can have haf  can sodaaah, 4 ounce joooce, or seeex gummy bear!") and see what she thinks.

Okay, gotta wash dishes, eat breakfast and get ready for work.  I can't wait to see what impact today's walks have on my blood sugar!

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