Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some thoughts . . .

In the last 32 days, I have not 
  • eaten in my car
  • had fast food
  • eaten candy
  • gone out to lunch at work (it was a 2-3x a week habit there for awhile)
  • suffered from reflux
  • had any nosebleeds  (my sinuses have freakishly cleared since surgery day!)
  • felt exhausted
  • had any regrets
Having this surgery is a huge deal.  I know I will not be perfect every day, but I will do a good job every day and try my hardest.

This week has been a huge challenge.  It started out with a surge strip mishap which ended up zapping my work computer's hard drive. Toast. Paperweight.  Then on Tuesday I had to meet with my boss, who was not in a good mood.  I caught a bad case of the crabbies and thought I was just going to have to give up, go home and pull the blankets over my head.

Normally, that would send me to my junk food drawer or across the street to CVS for some kind of fix. I just did a little breathing and had some yogurt.  Then had my calcium pills.  For some reason, I love my calcium lozenges.  They're cinnamon flavored, kinda grainy, but oddly soothing.  I actually look forward to my two calcium breaks per day at work.  

I managed to survive my week (so far) without killing anyone or eating a big bag of M&Ms.  With one day left until the weekend, and stress relieving time hanging out in the yard and garden with the dogs, I think I'll make it.

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