Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have the most sensitive skin, and as  you've heard me whine, I had a huge rash after my surgery.  Some kind of allergic reaction to the pre-op scrub/surgical incise drape.  I have issues with bandages too.  They stick like gorilla glue and take at least 3 layers of skin off when I yank 'em.

Today, I FINALLY got the surgical steri-strips off my incisions!

It's only 3 days shy of 3 weeks and those buggers were getting quite grimy.  But I had this irrational fear that if I tried to pull them off, my incisions would open.  Yikes!  Dr. Williams did say let them fall off naturally.  But I don't think he is aware of the issues with my skin and sticky stuff.  

For the past several days I have been slathering them with baby oil in the shower to help loosen the adhesive.  I was able to gently pull them off.  I even took the set of strips off my big incision. Fortunately, my pork did not pop out.  Whew!

Now I just have to deal with the adhesive goo aftermath.  Mary suggested Goo-Gone!  I think that would sting, but at least I'd smell orange-citrus fresh!

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