Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9 days out and doing well!

It's now Wednesday, about 9 days out from my lap band surgery and all is well.  My rash has peaked and is still itchy, but starting to abate around the edges.  I'm starving quite a bit (huh?  I thought that was supposed to go away), but fear of adversely affecting my healing stomach and pork (port) is keeping me on track.  

I'm averaging about 800 calories and 70g of protein a day.  My stomach growls often, but it doesn't really bug me.  The rules are meant to be followed and they are more important than stomach growling. I am more pleased with the behavior of my blood sugar.  I've been diabetic for a few years (both parents are too, so it was a matter of when, not if I got it).  Prior to surgery, I was on 2 x 1000 mg metformin, 15 mg glipizide and two 10 ug shots of Byetta a day.  

My endocrinologist took me off everything and switched me to a sliding scale of insulin.  I'm not keen on being on insulin because it can cause you to gain weight.  However, I am glad I don't have to snort those huge metformin pills (okay, crush and take in spoon of applesauce) every day.  But I am on a low dosage:  4u is the most I've had to take yet.

I have to take insulin before meals if my blood sugar is greater than 151.  Great thing is, this is maybe once a day.  Not three times a day!  My blood sugar seems to be coming down.  If I'd get off my butt, it'd probably come down more.  When I walked with Jane on Sunday it was at 139 before dinner.  So even though the weight comes off slower with a band than the traditional RNY gastric bypass, I am pleased to already be seeing some positive changes in my health.  

I can tell a difference every day in how my stomach is healing. It is much easier to get up and down out of furniture, with less pain.  If it weren't for the persistent itching, sitting here right now, I can't even feel any pain.  I have only had one dose of narcotics since last Wednesday.  I'm very pleased.

Today Jane is coming by to help me cut the grass.  I could probably push the mower (though I'll be toast for the night after that!), but I can't yank the starter.  No way!  Don't want to dislocate my pork!  Least it's on a tether, ha ha!

I just had an Atkins Shake (LOVE THEM!) to beef up on protein and quiet my growling stomach.  For lunch I think I'm going to bake a small piece of tilapia and see how that goes. For dinner, I'm having another 1/2 cup of my homemade chili that I blended with an immersion stick blender.  I had that yesterday with 1/4 cup melted sharp cheddar cheese and it was the BEST thing I have had in about 2 weeks!  I'm not keen on the pureed diet, but only have about another week to get through.  Then I can branch out to chewable things.  Yippee!

The weather is cold and gray, but I want to do something outside.  I may run to Home Depot after I take a shower and buy some tomato plants.  I have a big pot I can put it in and won't even have to bend to dig.  Then maybe I'll take Ms. Tuesday for a walk.  She has been on her best behavior while I've been recovering and she deserves it.  The other 3 hooligans have been pretty good too, but Tuesday is my special girl. Plus, if I can get her to jump on the bench out on the porch, I could maybe brush her coat some and give the birds some great nesting materials.  I'll write more about the dogs on my other blog, like how the Dup jumped from the purple chair to the ottoman to the couch.  Yeah.  When I get some of this weight off we are SO heading to obedience then agility classes.  She's quite the leaper.

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