Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A good day

My second day at work was a good one.  My head is still a bit foggy (I blame anesthesia!) and I didn't get a whole lot done, still catching up with everyone.  But I am pleased with how things are going.

I got in my two walks today, skipping the shuttle in the morning and afternoon.  It felt good, actually.  I hate those buses!  And great weather is the perfect incentive to walk.

On the flip side, today I was RAVENOUS!  Twice I was stomach growling hungry.  I drank tons of Crystal Light to offset that, which had me in the bathroom almost once an hour.  Hey, that's a way to get those steps in, right?  Mid-afternoon, I broke down and had a cup of Carb Master yogurt.  I didn't care for the peach flavor, but that didn't stop me from practically licking the cup.

I also popped upstairs to visit the kids in Randy's lab.  That place is a mecca for junk food!  I sat at one lady's desk and she had chocolate dipped coffee beans (OMG!  YUM!).  Someone else said there was carrot cake in the break room.  Then there was a mass exodus of lab members to Ben and Jerry's (just across the street) because it was Free Cone Day. Get me outta there!!!

But I was good and didn't touch a thing.  Ran downstairs to the digestive safety of my office and ate my yogurt.  I resisted temptation and stayed in control of my choices.  And made good choices at that. After the walk to the car, I had only 9700-ish steps on my counter.  So I snuck Missus Tuesday out for a nice walk around the block.  She had a fantastic time, and I exceeded my 10,000 step goal.

I know the exercise is what's pushing me over the top with the Extreme Hunger.  But I'm sure my body will adjust eventually.  Eating a mere 800 calories a day plus 40 minutes of walking makes for some serious confusion for the old bod!  Right now I'm getting by on The Band Rules and pure willpower.  I'm sure I'll adjust but I am kinda looking forward to getting my first fill so I'll have a little help with the hunger pangs.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!!!  <-- The old gut says hello!

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