Thursday, April 23, 2009

Super Cool Website

I told my pal Katy about my walks to and from the parking lots and how I estimated it, based on my number of steps and stride length, to be about a mile.  She told me about this fantastic site called Geodistance where you could actually map out routes and their distances.  


Immediately, I went there, and sure enough, the route from my car to my desk is 0.92 miles!  How cool is that?  The nerd in me was quite giddy!  And impressed that my Body Bugg steps were that accurate.  I guessed a mile, and was off by a mere 0.08.  WOW!

I wanted to come up with a short walk I could do during the day.  10 minutes or less. I sit here at the computer for hours on end and it's wreaking havoc on my joints. I need to get up and move periodically. Perhaps more than just my 47 Crystal Light induced potty runs a day.

So I realized I could toggle this Geodistance map to satellite and voila!  I can see all the sidewalks on campus!  SUPER COOL!  So I came up with a route that's right at half a mile and I did it this afternoon in just about 10 minutes.  Perfect! 

As my stamina improves, I can make it longer and throw in a few hills over by the law school.  This is fun stuff for me.  Yeah.  Obviously, it doesn't take much.

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